Secure, scalable, check-box easy IoT device integration for VARs.

Add vendor agnostic IoT device management to your services


Lighting, HVAC, access control, and asset tracking for businesses from offices to hotels to retail. 


Living-space & community management, power optimization, space utilization patterns, supply tracking, and facility use data. 


Creature comforts & conveniences to drive property value and differentiate your service offering in the homebuilder ecosystem.

Launch IoT services that are affordable for your clients. 

Commercial or residential implementations.

Bolt-on or Drop-in Functionality

Droplit can ride shotgun within your existing client portal and software assets or fly solo with a turn-key suite, all under your brand.

Configure management portal or use the SDK to add IoT elements to your own.

Management Portal & SDK

Efficient tools that a junior developer can understand with full, open documentation

Developer Portal & CLI

Start with your app, Droplit's white-labelled cross platform apps, or with no app at all.  

App-optional system

Deploy complex device behaviors around your client's needs to add value to your subscription services.

Behavior Engines

Droplit's Device Engine supports a myriad of connectivity, authentication, and security scenarios and is priced per device. 

Select your platform plan


Droplit provides as much support as needed to operationalize your IoT services and furnish new integrations as your business evolves.

Select onboarding support


Select device integration licenses

Select from a catalog of IoT hardware you can use to create sustainable subscription value. Add more over time. If we don't have what you need, request it and we'll build it for you. 


Future-proof your business with IoT services

Our business is integrating more products everyday so you don't have to. Launch valuable services in a fraction of the time securely and profitably.

A growing ecosystem of compatibility

Excerpts from IoT World 2015 interview with Droplit founder Bryan Jenks. 

Message from the CEO

Blake Miller

CEO, Homebase

“ Leveraging Droplit allows our engineers to focus on delivering solutions and experiences rather than on integrating every new API we want to work with. It’s completely changed the way we think about our roadmap. ”

Sanjay Patel

CEO, TiO Home

“They’re almost an extension of your team. You’ll win because you'll get to market faster, get more customers faster and take a lot of stress off your own company.”

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